Sully “Doc” Eliot is just your average guy, if, by average, you mean totally different from everyone else. He is the kind of person who wants to know something about everything, which means he is always learning. His interests include business, sales, photography, literature, comic books, film (particularly scripting and direction), video games, and so forth. Sully has written some award-winning essays while in high school and now plans on entering a journalism program.

His personal failings include not being able to motivate himself to work out and not always understanding what people mean when they go out of their way not to say what they mean. He is a Boy Scout through and through, and because of this enjoys sports such as skiing, shooting, and rock climbing. He is nothing if not honest, which isn’t always a good thing if you’re a people-pleasing yes man. Sully does not like people-pleasing yes-men, or politically correct yes-women. At the time of writing, he was drinking chocolate milk and eating chocolate-vanilla pudding. He tends to ramble.

…Why am I writing about myself in the third person?


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